Restore, Renew & Recolour

Our brushing solution line of products is a reformulated premium emulsion product developed for first-time application on raw substrates, as well as for restoring previously coated flat or textured surfaces.  These are some of the benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Lead and mercury free
  • Contains properties known to significantly reduce fungus and algae growth
  • Quick drying
  • Easy clean up using water
  • Ideal for flat and textured surfaces

Recommended Surfaces

Wood, sheet, rock, medium density fibre board, particle board, cement plaster & concrete surfaces previously with Trowel Plastic, Roll On, Acrylic, Vinyl & Alkyd paints. Brushing solutions offers over 800 colours to choose from.

The Trowel Plastics® brand of products are adourn walls of residential and commercial properties with all grades of textured coatings over the years. The growth of the organization and the renowned Trowel Plastic quality is unmatched in the industry.